Precision Engineering Services

    Through leading technology, on-going staff training and in keeping up with Industry Standards, our experienced team of machinist are committed to producing high-quality, precision machined parts to fit your specifications.

    Future Engineering has utilized state of the art CNC machining technology, which has allowed for a reduction in cost for its customers, as well as an increase in turnover and prompt delivery.

    Services Include CNC Machining, Lathe and Wire Cutting

    Examples products to the following industries:

    Mining Industry

    Mining Industry engineering servicesJaw clamps, lifting equipment, break out pots, bush -lifting jigs, lifting bells, gauges, hammer racks, C-spanners, logo engraving.

    Oil and Gas Industry

    Oil and gas engineering servicesFishing tools, torque and standard components for drill strings, plugs, tool strings, flow-control, roller components, well bore clean up components, fishing components.

    Railway Industry

    precision engineering to the railway insudtryBogies, rail wheels, line repair, grinding equipment, grinding trolleys, fracture detection equipment, brakes, high rail, wheel gauge housing assemblies (broad gauge and standard gauge), fan hub assemblies, maintenance of the line, fire skirts, lift cylinders, RSU trolleys, grinding chucks, pins, bushes, bearing housing, pivot arms, transducers.

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